Drawing Award

The NEW Art Fair team thanks again warmly all applicants as well as Drawing Award partners and the jury members : 

Abdallah Akar, contemporary calligrapher
Stéphane Corréard, art critique, journalist, curator
Christophe Delavault, artistic director of D : Dessin
Nima Zaare Nahandi, draftsman, graduate of School of Fine Arts in Paris, resident in Casa Velazquez in Madrid
Frédérique Picard, art collector (drawings)
Vanessa Trigano-Khayat, art advisor
Jessy Zeitoun of Art Actuel

Su-Min Do : Drawing Award Winner
Born in 1981 in Korea, Su-Min Do graduated from de Kyung-Sung University in Busan, and from National School of Fine Arts in Dijon in 2012.

Su-Min Do has been selected amongst 44 applications coming from 14 European schools.

A word from the president, Christophe Delavault

“It is always rewarding to compose and to chair the Jury of a new award when it comes to supporting young artists and promote a medium that I have been collecting and defending for years, namely drawing.
For long considered as a preparatory work only, this medium confirms its “Art” in itself today and. The quality of the applications we have received for the Drawing proves it also.
This jury of professionals and enthusiasts has met our expectations during the deliberations; the winner was designated quickly and by a large majority.


Su-Min Do, the winner chosen by the jury, puts the gesture at the center of its work, the relationship with the surface also. She considers drawing as the foundation of her work, with a few words, we could not have hoped for a better ambassador for the Drawing Award and for drawing in general!

What is interesting in her reasoning is also the emphasis she puts on the process, on the movement and dexterity, over the result only. Her large formats are graphic, effective, imbued with humility.

A young talent to follow...”

The NEW Art Night 

The Drawing Award will take place during the NEW Art Night on January 11th at 7 pm.

Su-Min will receive: 
- 1 exhibition at New Art Fair Paris I 11-13 january 2013 I Espace Cardin (Paris 8)
- Visibility at the fair D:Dessin I 11-14 april 2013 I Atelier Richelieu (Paris 2)
- 1 set of 525 pastels & 1 voucher (value €1000) offered by our sponsor Sennelier
- 1 portfolio in Art Actuel

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Su-Min working on one of her drawings

Example of Su-Min Do's drawings